Skylark Ithaca Review

We use a 125 point rating system that takes into account all the important things that make a home valuable to invest and live in. These rating criteria also carry different weightages based on their importance. A professional team thoroughly researches property details and tallies the scores to provide you ratings that help you choose the best home.

BUILDER – Skylark Ithaca Review
The builders of Skylark Ithaca, Skylark Builders launched its first project in 1992 and have established a rock solid reputation in less than a quarter century. They have a track record of developing properties which have clear titles and every title handed out to buyers vetted thoroughly by their lawyers. The company’s legal department makes sure to have all the required approvals and permits from the Government and civic bodies before commencing work. Skylark may not have as many projects under its belt – their philosophy is quality and to reach new heights by offering their customers the very best of everything. We give them a good rating of 8.7

PRICE – Skylark Ithaca Review
Price is the strongest point of Skylark Ithaca. Given the frantic construction and new development projects taking place in the city of Bangalore, whether it is North, South, East or West, Skylark Builders offer a wide range of choices at very affordable prices. They are offering new homeowners access to essentials like schools, offices, hospitals and grocery stores and entertainment options along with quality construction in an attractive price range. The starting price for a 1 BHK in Skylark Ithaca is 25 lakhs and goes up all the way to 1.5 crores. There is so much to choose from by way of floor plans. Skylark gets a rating of 9.8 in this category.

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FLOOR PLANS – Skylark Ithaca Review
In this category, Skylark Ithaca gets just a 7. Even though they have a number of floor plans, not every apartment is ideally situated or designed. Particularly the bedroom sizes in the 1 and 2 bedroom plans are a bit small for our liking, but if it works for you it won’t be a bad choice, especially given the price advantage. As a buyer you will surely need some help in choosing the best one for you, especially location-wise and we can help you with that. Just contact us using one of the options below

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LOCATION – Skylark Ithaca Review
Even though the spot was chosen with care, Skylark Ithaca gets just 7.6 rating as far as location is concerned. This complex is in a very busy area and bound by major arterial roads. Good thing is you have access to all important roads, bad thing is KR Puram and Old Madras Road are known choke points and this could lead to issues for commuters, especially if you need to travel far. If you work in the whitefield or areas nearby it should be fine. The new METRO and other public transport options will certainly help but until then, residents have to slog through traffic. Other than this, the location has all the nice things you would expect like proximity to schools, medical facilities, shopping malls etc. the traffic volume however keeps the rating at 7.6 for Skylark Ithaca

AMENITIES – Skylark Ithaca Review
Skylark Ithaca has very good amenities but we are rating them a little bit lower at 6.7. This is primarily out of uncertainty about amenities for the phase 2. It is not clear if both phase 1 and 2 will share the same club house and other amenities. It they do the amenities could be crowded. As soon as we know the firm plans we intend to come back and update this rating. Until then we will leave this at a low 6.7 – for now anyway.

SPECIFICATIONS – Skylark Ithaca Review
Every unit in Skylark Ithaca comes with excellent specifications. The homes are all equipped with modern fixtures and well-lit interiors. The builder has made sure that customers are offered the best in flooring, fixtures and countertops with high quality materials. Kitchens are designed with comfort and use in mind – a lot of thought has gone into the design. Wood flooring in the master bedroom and high quality tiles in the rest of the house and even in the balconies is a big selling point – that too at this price point. Skylark gets an excellent rating of 8.3 in this category.

The low entry point means that Skylark Ithaca has great potential to appreciate. In addition to that Skylark’s reputation for quality construction and the choice of quality materials will mean this will be a valuable property. There are quite a few tech. parks nearby that will ensure good rental demand







skylark ithaca featured



Developed by Skylark which made a name for itself with individual homes, Skylark Ithaca in located in Whitefield in East Bangalore. Find your ideal home whether you want a 1, 2 or 3 room apartment. World class amenities are features are included in the floor plans – buyers can customize their homes with flooring and fixtures to suit their lifestyle.
The location is ideal for people who want to live close to work and have access to good schools, shopping and medical care. As for leisure activities, the builders have included every possible option so that residents can stay fit and healthy, whether they want to go jogging or swimming or even hit the gym. Skylark Builders have used the latest techniques and technologies available to make life comfy and cosy for homeowners.
Buyers can have their pick from over 2000 units – choose 1,2, 2.5 or 3 BHK apartments ranging in size from 525 sq. feet to 1610 sq. feet. Each tower is 19 stories tall and each apartment is tastefully appointed. For couples starting a new life and family together, the amenities and location are ideal.

  • Fully equipped Gym
  • Billiards Room
  • Clubhouse
  • Badminton court
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Party Hall
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Children’s play area and Park
  • Party hall
  • Multipurpose room for parties and yoga/aerobics classes
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • On site clinic and pharmacy
  • ATM
  • Basement parking for residents
  • Visitor parking
  • 24/7 Security
  • Generator backup in case of power outage



















Skylark Builders have gone the extra mile to ensure that every apartment is Vaastu compliant and also well ventilated. Sunshine and fresh air can be had by every resident, whether they live on the 1st floor or the 19th.


Here’s a look at the available options:

  • BHKs available 605 sq. ft. or 624 sq. feet built up area
  • 2 BHKs available in 1011/1059 or 1268 sq. feet built up area
  • 3 BHKs available in 1484 or 1610 sq. feet built up area

Get a tour of model apartments as well to get a feel for the flow of space and liveability. Be prepared to get surprised at the reasonable prices as well.


  • RCC framed structure with earthquake safe building materials.
  • Covered parking in the basement for residents and perimeter parking for visitors

Apartment Flooring:

  • Vitrified tile flooring in living and dining rooms, bedrooms, balcony(ies) and kitchen
  • Laminated wood floors in the master suite
  • Top quality anti-skid ceramic tiles in each bathroom/toilet and utility room



  • Vitrified tile floors in the kitchen
  • Granite countertops with a backsplash made of glazed tiles which are 2.5 to 3 feet high to ensure ease of cleaning
  • Plumbing intake and outlet points for sinks and water heater
  • Electrical outlets for appliances
  • Modular kitchen
  • Sink in Utility room
  • Plumbing intake and outlet points for washing machine



  • Bathrooms:
  • Anti-skid ceramic flooring tiles
  • Glazed ceramic tiles 7 feet in height for ease of cleaning
  • Single unit toilet cum flush tank
  • Imported or high end wash basins in every bathroom
  • Hot/Cold water mixer even for wash basin – Jaguar or imported unit of equivalent value
  • 3 in 1 shower component with shower head, telescoping handheld shower unit and tap – Jaguar or an imported unit of equivalent quality
  • Concealed ball valves in toilet tank (easy maintenance)
  • Provision for one geyser to be installed in each bathroom



  • Main door – Teak wood and door frame of the same materials. Threshold made of teak wood as well. Chrome/brass hardware with night latch included, safety rod and peep hole to check for visitors.
  • Bedroom and Balcony doors – no information available on the materials used to make these doors.
  • Windows – constructed of heavy gauge aluminium, sliding shutters. No other information on whether mosquito netting is included in the package. Check with builder while touring the property


  • Interior walls are plastered and lime rendered. Interiors painted with appropriate emulsion paints.
  • Exterior walls are painted with the appropriate emulsion paint to protect from the elements
  • Every door other than the main one is framed using Australian Honne frames and painted with PU finishes.



  • No information available

Balcony Railings & Staircase handrails:

  • No information available


  • Standard fixtures as per building codes and best available materials on the market

Television, Telephone & Data points:


  • No specific information available

Elevators & D.G. Power:

  • No specific information available. Check with the Sales office while visiting the property.

Security System & Intra Communication System:


  • No information available. Check with Sales office for details.
605 1 25.3L
999 2 26.1L
1059 2 44.3L
1484 3 62.1L